Moscow, Russia,
International Industrial Academy
November 25-27, 2019
Conference organizers
  • Международная промышленная академия
  • Международная ассоциация по науке и технологии зерна (ICC)
Supported by
  • Министерства сельского хозяйства Российской Федерации
  • Федерального центра оценки безопасности и качества зерна и продуктов его переработки
  • Российского союза мукомольных и крупяных предприятий
  • Российского союза пекарей
  • ВНИИ зерна – филиал ФГБНУ «ФНЦ пищевых систем им. В.М. Горбатова» РАН
  • ФГАНУ НИИ хлебопекарной промышленности
  • ФИЦ питания и биотехнологии
  • Российского сельскохозяйственного центра
  •  Торгово-промышленная палата Российской Федерации

Heads and representatives of national and international unions and associations, specialists of large grain companies, mills and bakeries, scientists specializing in the production and storage of grain, technology and quality of processed products of grain, bread and other bakery products, equipment and instrument manufacturers, industry journalists of Russia and countries of the world are invited to participate in the conference.

• The quality of grain in different countries of the world
• Breeding and seed production. The current state and future development
• Innovative technologies and equipment for post-harvest processing and storage of grain, equipment for the production of flour, cereals and bread
• Current issues of technical regulation and standardization
• Safety of grain, products of its processing and bakery products
• The role of cereal products in healthy nutrition
• Training of industry experts and professional development

• Plenary sessions
• Symposium of International Association for Cereal Science and Technology (ICC)
• Thematic focus sessions:
«Fighting the loss of grain resources - a global trend»,
«Innovative technologies to ensure the quality of grain, flour and bread»,
«Modern methods and devices for grain, flour and bread quality and safety control»
• International review of Flour and Bread quality
• Exhibition of equipment for grain, flour and bread quality control
• Exhibition of products of enterprises participating in the International Flour and Bread Quality Review
• Exhibition and sale of scientific and technical literature
• Gultural program (more details)

• We accept articles from conference participants.
• The deadline for submitting articles is November 1.
• Requirements: the authors, the title of the article, the name of the organization, the keywords and the abstract should be in two languages - Russian and English. The text of the articles is in English or Russian.
• The amount of text articles: 4 - 5 pages, font 12 TNR, line spacing - 1.5.
• In the application for participation in the conference, please indicate the name of the article and the authors.
• Articles are sent to the address: maslova@grainfood.ru


  • Vyacheslav Butkovsky
    President of the International Industrial Academy, Fellow of the ICC Academy
  • Michaela Pichler
    Austria, ICC Secretary General CEO ICC Services GmbH
  • Yulia Koroleva
    Director of the Federal Center of Quality and Safety Assurance for Grain and Grain products
  • Marina Afonina
    Director of the Department of Food and Processing Industry, Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation
  • Victor Tutelyan
    Scientific Director of the Federal Research Center for Food and Biotechnology, RAS Academician
  • Olga Ilina
    Rector of the International Industrial Academy
  • Petr Chekmarev
    Chairman of the Committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation for the development of agro-industrial complex, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Arkady Zlochevsky
    President of the Russian Grain Union
  • Arkady Gurevich
    President of the Russian Union of Flour Mills and Cereal Plants
  • Valery Cheshinsky
    President of the Russian Bakers’ Union
  • Vladimir Kaishev
    Professor of Stavropol agrarian University, RAS associate member
  • Elena Meleshkina
    Director of the Scientific Research Institute of Grain - branch of the Federal Research Center of Food Systems named after V.M. Gorbatov, RAS
  • Alexander Malko
    Director оf the Russian Agricultural Center
  • Jan Delcour
    Belgium, ICC President Elect 2019–2020
  • Vera Iunikhina
    First Vice-Rector of the International Industrial Academy
  • Hamit Köksel
    Turkey, ICC Immediate Past President and Chair of the Governing Committee
  • Vladimir Feydengold
    Head of the Department of Grain and its Processing Products of the International Industrial Academy
  • Vladimir Dashevskiy
    Professor Emeritus of the International Industrial Academy, Fellow of the ICC Academy
  • Vural Kural
    Executive Secretary and Treasurer, The International Association of the Operative Millers (IAOM)
  • Markus Löns
    Brabender, ICC Corporate Member
  • Balyhin Michael G.
    Rector of Moscow State University of Food Production
  • Alexey Morgunov
    Head of the International Program for Improvement of Winter Wheat of the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
  • Fengcheng Wang
    Former President of the ICC (2015-2016), Henan University, China
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